Weekend Wear: Kim Kardashian’s Running Errands Look

Even though running errands is a tedious task, I really love the sense of accomplishment I feel after finishing everything with spare time left in the day. Some might think there’s no need to look pulled-together for running errands, but I beg to differ. Not only will a comfy and cute outfit put you in a better mood on a Saturday morning, it will also get you the service you deserve. Check out the outfit Kim Kardashian wore to the cleaners recently. She probably put this on because she knew the paparazzi would be around. But the look also sends a hidden message to her dry cleaner — treat this woman’s clothes well because they mean a lot to her. Find out how you can get a similar look to Kim’s for your errand-running days, which might include lunch at a cute cafe.

Weekend Wear: Kim Kardashian’s Errands Look
Starlet Contrast Temple Sunglasses, $14, Urban Outfitters
Shawl Collar Tux Blazer, $135, Topshop
Rose Sketch Dress, $24.80, Forever 21
Alexandra Beth Designs Chain Knot Necklace, $68, National Jean Company
Christopher Kon Satchel, $278, Lori’s
SM Luxe Cruzer Gladiator Sandal, $79.95, DSW