Teen Blogger Face-Off: Tavi Vs. Lourdes

For quite some time, Tavi’s reign as Queen Of The Mini Bloggers went largely unchallenged. Now, however, she’s got fierce competition in the form of Madonna progeny Lourdes, who’s taken to the net like a fish to water. So now, obviously, it’s time for a round of Teen Blogger Face-Off. May the best pint-sized soon-to-be fashion icon win!

CLAIM TO FAME Tavi’s a self-made blogging and fashion phenom whose blog Style Rookie exploded. Lourdes is working on the clothing line Material Girl with her mom, the original material girl.
PEDIGREE Hails from a small house in a Chicago suburb. Her parents didn’t really know how big she was on the internets until she asked permission to be featured in The New York Times Magazine. Tavi started at 12. As Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes has grown up in over-the-top dwellings around the world. Lourdes is 13 and has just begun blogging on a somewhat limited basis.
CLOTHING STYLE Quirky and artfully deconstructed a la Rodarte and Yohji Yamamoto. She sort of looks like your cool grandma, just shrunken. Sexy with a touch of edge, not unlike her mommy.
WRITING STYLE Not unlike her fashion, Tavi’s voice skews towards the eccentric with a decent touch of introspection. Lourdes is, like, totes happy that you read her blog! LOL!
FAMOUS FANS The Rodarte sisters; Philip Treacy, who provided the big pink bow hat that caused such a hubub last Fashion Week; Marc Jacobs. Pretty much everyone seems to either find Lourdes adorable or fear Madonna enough to pretend that they do.
FAMOUS FIGHTS Anne Slowey said some not-so-nice things about Tavi a few months backs. None … YET.