Do You Dare Take A Taste Of These “True Blood” Spoilers?

It seems like only a few days ago, I was here moaning about wanting “True Blood” to start and how I was dying for some Eric and Sookie action. Now, we’ve already sucked down four episodes and I am stuck with a bunch of dream sequence teases of my favorite vamp and Sookie getting steamy. A whole lot has happened so far this season, and it doesn’t look like the excitement is about to let up. HBO recently released the episode descriptions for August and they are gushing with goodness, plus a few characters we haven’t met yet. So—SPOILER ALERT!—we’ve snatched up five of the most shocking things that are about to go down in Bon Temps.

  1. Sam’s real parents are doing some bad things with Tommy. Turns out Tommy has another reason to ditch his loser mom and dad; they are entering him in dog fights to earn quick cash. Will Sam come to the rescue?
  2. We didn’t meet Lafayette’s mom and her orderly for nothing. It sounds like Mama Laf somehow gets out of the hospital and comes to her son, while Jesus may be Lafayette’s sexual saving grace.
  3. Jessica has got herself a love triangle. It is sort of like “Twilight,” but this time the vampire is the center of it all. Jessica will have to choose between Hoyt and shape-shifting Tommy.
  4. Sam becomes the bad guy. It’s about time Sam does something other than bend over backwards and animorph all over the place to clean up other people’s messes. Mr. Merlotte starts having dark fits of rage and alienates everyone except for Tara.
  5. Our new favorite vampire is disappearing? British bloodsucker Franklin is missing from all the episode descriptions. This attractive and alarming Tara kidnapper must be up to something big if they don’t even want to give us a little information about him. That, or he gets turned into dust. But let’s not think about that.

Now that you know some of what to expect, how do you feel about the future of “True Blood”? [Entertainment Weekly]