Crystal Renn Says Her Uber-Skinny Photo Was Photoshopped

If you get caught Photoshopping a beautiful, healthy, full-figured woman to look like a twiglet, you should have one of your fingers chopped off. And I think supermodel Crystal Renn will agree: she told Glamour magazine she was “shocked” to see startling photos of her posing for a Fashion for Passion promotion, looking far, far skinnier than her size 10 or 12 plus-size model frame.

These pics were especially troubling given Renn’s hellacious bout with anorexia while trying to be a “straight size” model, which she described doing battle with in her recent memoir, Hungry. Rest assured, Renn has not re-developed her eating disorder. Instead, it’s just that Photoshop has struck again. “When I saw the pictures (black-and-white on the left), I think I was silent for a good five minutes, staring with my mouth open,” Renn told Glamour “I don’t know what was done to those photos or who did it, but they look retouched to me. And listen, everybody retouches, but don’t make me into something I’m not.” Indeed, behind-the-scenes video stills from the shoot shown here (in color on the right) show Renn looking like her usual zaftig self.

Glamour reached out to Renn’s photographer at the Fashion for Fashion shoot, Nicholas Routzen, who admitted that he “shaped her.” Routzen defended himself by adding, “I’m paid to make women look beautiful.”

Really? “Look beautiful”? Hmm. Perhaps not the best choice of words, considering how a gorgeous, resplendent Renn walked the Jean Paul Gaultier, Vena Cava, and Chanel shows without being slimmed down — via diet pills or Photoshop — to a size 2. [Glamour]