And The Prize Goes To … The Best Way To Mix Trends And Classic Pieces

Last week, we asked you to tell us how you mix trends and classic pieces into one fabulous wardrobe, in the hopes of winning a $500 gift card from LuLu’s. And like us, many of you are forging your own fashion paths, choosing trends that work or speak to you and picking up vintage pieces that give an air of nostalgia. Fashion is all about fun, but it helps to have a strategy, which is why adriennesublime won the prize for giving us a whole formula for deciding whether to purchase trendy and classic pieces. Read her comment after the jump.

“I’ve loved fashion for as long as I can remember (thinking the way back to OshKosh overalls here!). If I’m feeling sad, I’ll put on a pair of fabulous heels and, as if by magic, my spirits are lifted. An outfit is more than just how you look to others, it is how you are experienced as well (and how you feel!). Clothing has this transformative quality that very few things in this life provide; rivaled only by love and associated activities…

In maintaining and adding to my wardrobe, I consider three main things. First: is this a trend or classic piece? Quality standards for classic pieces should inherently be higher as these pieces will reside in your collection much longer. Which brings us to the next consideration, how often will I wear it? Generally speaking, I consider the cost of an item to be the purchase price divided by the number of times I will wear it (a daily “usage” price … also explains why engagement rings should be justifiably expensive!). And lastly, how versatile is the piece? An important consideration for any piece, classic or modern, is the number of ways it can be styled.

Rules aside, fashion is all about having fun and creating your own looks. Personally, I love to put a little 1940’s flare in a lot of my day looks and some ’70’s or ’80’s influence in my evening looks (think Blondie meets Gaga). Mixing modern and vintage pieces is a hallmark of many great styles, including my own :) Doing so allows me to make my own statement, craft the right mood, and have fun!

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