20 Things You Have Permission To Do This Weekend

Remember when we were kids and these summer days seemed so endless? Sadly, the older we get the faster they go by, and so the last thing you should be worried about is feeling guilty for spending them any ol’ way you want. Plus, it’s hot out! You shouldn’t be exerting yourself. So, after the jump, 20 things you have permission to do this weekend (in case you were waiting for someone to give you the go-ahead).

  1. Buy a key lime pie at the bakery and tell your dinner guests you baked it yourself.
  2. Go swimming in the local lake in lieu of a shower. (Just don’t go swimming in the local pool in lieu of a shower!).
  3. Stay indoors in the air conditioning.
  4. Wear the same sundress all weekend long.
  5. Drink frozen mango Margaritas for dinner and call it your daily serving of fruit.
  6. Sunbathe (with SPF!)
  7. Cut your cut-offs just a little bit shorter.
  8. Eat waffles and ice cream for breakfast.
  9. Sneak into a double feature (it’s too hot to be outside, anyway).
  10. Drive to the grocery store instead of walk there.
  11. Catch fireflies in a jar.
  12. Get highlights and claim they’re from “the sun.”
  13. Bring a Judy Blume book to the beach.
  14. Soak your watermelon in vodka before you eat it.
  15. Put on a bathing suit and run in the sprinklers.
  16. Read a pile of magazines (for free) at one of those big-name bookstores with the AC and comfy chairs.
  17. Read some old love letters and remember your first summer fling.
  18. Have a new summer fling!
  19. Wear shorts and a T-shirt at the beach (no matter what some Frisky staffers might say!).
  20. Sleep all day in a hammock.