10 (More) Style Don’ts

You already know what flies and what doesn’t for summer style, but there are a few other violations that are driving us up the fashion wall. Ill-fitting clothing, poor trend execution, and outdated ideas simply must go. Prevention is key! After the jump, find the faux pas we just can’t handle.

  1. Colored contact lenses: Blues, greens, hazels, and browns are great eye color enhancers if they work for your skin tone and coloring. Reds, yellows, and other unnatural colors do not match anyone. Stay away, please.
  2. Clear bra straps: Showing clear straps is tacky. They even reflect sunlight and blind others. Why can’t you just wear a strapless bra?
  3. Baggy pants, cinched belt: If you’re wearing a belt to keep your oversized pants up, be sure to check your rear before you leave the house. The bunch-up of jean or fabric in the back is like a bunny tail. Who wants their junk in the trunk to look like that? Not us.
  4. Decked out in designer: If we can name who you’re wearing from head to toe, it’s gotta go. Don’t develop LOB — label-obsessive disorder — it’s hard to treat, and the side effects are bad taste and unoriginality.
  5. Bridging the age gap … or not: As women, shopping at stores that market to teens and little girls is a big no-no. We know, we know, we miss Limited Too, also.
  6. VPL: We know visible panty lines are controversial, but the ripple effect on your behind is never attractive. Just. No.
  7. Fedoras for the sake of the fedora: Don’t get us wrong, we love fedoras, but only if they work for you. If hats usually don’t look good on you, don’t attempt the Jason Mraz effect.
  8. Crop tops with a side of gut: For the pot-bellied among us, we need to sit this trend out. Don’t worry, there are plenty of other fads to go around.
  9. Scrunchies: Sorry, Marc Jacobs, but there are plenty of other adorable hair accessories these days. Scrunchies bring us back to our awkward middle school days. We’d rather you wear a baseball cap or a cowboy hat than wear a scrunchie outside of the bathroom.
  10. Quadri-boob: This is one of the most sinful types of cleavage. Overflowing quadri-boobs, or puddle o’boobs, as Simcha calls them, are a dangerous fashion disaster, and nobody wants to have accidental indecent exposure in public.