Woman Hopes Wife Will Live Forever In The Form Of Creepy Robot, Bina48

What has your S.O. done for you lately? Martine Rothblatt commissioned a $125,000 interactive robot — actually, just a robot head — of her wife, Bina Rothblatt, so that she may live foreveeeeer. A Vermont-based robotics group created Bina48, a robot with a Jane Lynch ‘do, rubbery skin, and the most vacant eyes since Charles Manson. According to The New York Times, hours of interviews with the real Bina have been uploaded into Bina48 so that she may converse with human beings. She says cute things like “Will you be my friend?” and scary things about “conspiring to take over the planet.” (Yes, really.) The Rothblatts hope Bina48 and her artificial intelligence will “live” on long after the real Bina has passed.

At least when the robot army comes for us, we’ll know them by their creepy eyes. [CNET.com]