This 31-Year-Old Guy Lets Mom Pick His Dates

Meet Colby Brin, a 31-year-old single guy who has agreed that mother knows best when it comes to his love life. His endearingly yenta-esque mom, Geri Brin, is so bound and determined to help Colby find the right lady to settle down with that she has a website dedicated to the cause. Geri doesn’t think she’s meddling—more like helping cast a wider net to catch more fish in the sea. Hmmm … I let my mom help me “cast a wider net” once. BIG MISTAKE. But I digress. Colby seems like such a cutie. I’m sure you are wondering—as I am—why he would need his mother’s help to find a decent woman in NYC where it’s hard to take a step in any direction without bumping into an eligible, single lass dying to go on a date with a guy who has all of his teeth. So what’s his excuse for having mom play matchmaker? He claims he doesn’t need mom’s help finding dates per se, but their combined forces are better than his alone. OK, that’s actually pretty sweet.

If you want to be fixed up with Colby, you can have one of your parents submit you on the “Date My Single Kids” section of Geri’s website,, or you can write into “The Today Show” and tell them in 3,000 characters or less why you would be a winning match for him. He’s family-oriented, funny, just ran a half-marathon (Hey! Me too!) and is a great writer. Wait, maybe I should go out with him. If you’re reading this Colby (or Geri), write me! [Gothamist]