Tavi’s Open Letter To Seventeen Magazine Over Its “Fat & Ugly” Cover Line

Prodigious pint-sized blogger Tavi has lept on the Seventeen magazine bashing bandwagon. And for good reason: The 13-year-old penned an open letter to Seventeen on her blog, The Style Rookie, over a downright evil cover line on its June/July 2010 issue, “The Party Drug That Can Make You Fat & Ugly.” Fat and ugly? Yeah, Seventeen went there.

First, Tavi took issue with equating being fat with being ugly, which just isn’t true, and teen girls especially should learn that. But Tavi also asked why the article is about “party drugs” — in this case, marijuana (though pot is really more of an “order Domino’s and watch ‘Adult Swim’ drug,” but whatever) — is teaching teens that drugs are bad because they make you un-pretty, of all things. “By trying to discourage the use of drugs with the threats that it will make someone fat and ugly,” she wrote, “you’re saying the worst thing that can happen to your average reader, a teenage girl, as a result of drug use, is not that she will have any damage done to her brain or become unhappy, but that her appearance will suffer.” Seriously.

Does Seventeen really think its readers are that shallow? Wait, don’t answer that. [The Style Rookie]