Style 911: How Can I Make Casual Shorts Look More Put-Together?

My office is pretty casual, but I still feel like I probably can’t show up in denim cutoffs. Any ideas for making jean shorts more presentable? – Amy

We all struggle through the difficulty of looking halfway decent in the summer without being totally ravaged by the heat. Luckily, there are a few ways to make shorts work. Click through for ideas.
It’s definitely possible to wear denim shorts without looking like a shlub. A few things to avoid: visible pockets hanging out of the bottom, excessive distressing, intense cut-offs with strings hanging all over the place. Skip these things and go with an even, dark wash and you’ll be fine. (If you’ve got dark wash cut-offs that look sloppy, consider double cuffing for a smooth edge. [$138, Joe’s Jeans,]

Instead of flip-flops, pick a more elaborate flat sandal. You’ll still be comfortable, but the whole look will be elevated. [$40, DV by Dolce Vita, Asos]

Making comfortable clothes work-appropriate is all about minor changes. So, if you’d usually wear a stretch cotton tank with your denim shorts, sub that out for a more structured option like this. [$70, J.Crew]

Accessorize! Bangles or a draped necklace can go a long way toward making a legitimate outfit. [$25/4, Priya Kakkar, Bluefly]