Micky Dolenz Is Back!

Sometime circa 1988, I discovered “The Monkees” on Nick at Nite. I fell instantly in love with the zany 1960s show—I loved the opening credits (“Here we come, walkin’ down the street … ); I loved the absurd humor; I loved the songs. And, of course, I loved the guys. I started out with a big old crush on Davy Jones, but as I “matured” (to maybe age 10), I realized that Micky Dolenz was where it was really at. Obviously, you take the goofball drummer with killer one-liners and a great voice over the pretty-boy frontman who plays the tambourine! So I am glad to hear that Micky will be heading to my television again soon. He’ll be appearing in “Mega Python vs. Gatoroid,” which you may remember as the Syfy movie starring Tiffany and Debbie Gibson! We have no idea who Micky will be playing—but hopefully he’ll get to sing? The film goes into production soon and will air in 2011. And I can’t wait. [EW]