Mel Gibson’s Screaming Rant At Ex #5: Profanity By The Numbers

Alleged phone call snippet #5 between Mel Gibson and ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva is out and this time they’re fighting about that thorniest of relationship woes: $$$. Apparently, crazy-rich crazy celebrities blow their top if they have to tighten their belt and sell their Lakers box seats! Poor, poor Mel.Gibson snarls, “I spent more than $5 million dollars on you.” Now, not to take sides or anything, but doesn’t homeboy have seven kids with his ex-wife and one with Oksana? I know you financed Oksana’s singing career and whatnot, but could that really have cost more than raising his eight kids in Hollywood? Just sayin’. Mel is screaming at Oksana, “Say thank you! Say thank you now!” and she sniffs at him, “[You’re] completely off balanced.”

Then they switch over to Popular Breakup Topic #2: who has ruined whose life more. “You’ve given me nothing but grief!” Mel roars. “And bad publicity, c**t!”

We beg to disagree on that one.

Number of times Mel says “f**k,” “f**king,” “motherf**ker,” including “you f**king used me”: approximately 14

Number of times Mel calls Oksana a “bitch”: 3

Number of times Mel calls Oksana a “whore”: 1

Number of times Mel calls Oksana a “c**t”: 2

Number of times Mel calls Oksana a “gold digger”: 1

Number of times Mel yells “Look at yourself! Look what’s done! Look at your son [from another relationship], he’s a f**king mess! You f**king excuse for a mother!” 1

Then Oksana says, “You’re the worst father I’ve ever met” and appears to hang up.

As I’ve said before, Mel Gibson sounds like a textbook case of a domestic abuser: he doesn’t take responsibility for his own actions, blames everything on Oksana, calls her names, accuses her of being a bad mom, and physically threatens her. In case you missed it, here are the deets on the other snippets of Mel Gibson’s domestic abuser-y, racist and misogynist rantings:

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