Mel Gibson’s Lawyers Claim The Tirade Tape Was Edited

Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva’s lawyers will be heading to court this morning, as Oksana tries to get full custody of their daughter, Lucia. Oksana’s main piece of evidence, of course, is the 30-minute tape of Mel going bonkers on the phone—several clips from the tape have now been leaked online. So how does Mel’s camp plan to counter this? They say that they have proof that the tape has been tampered with and edited. See, tapes can only be used as evidence if it can be proven that they have not been altered in any way. I in no, way, shape, or form think Gibson is a good guy here and I feel pretty confident that he said all of the completely insane, abusive things in the tape. But something about the leaked recordings did strike me as fishy. I’m a journalist who has recorded hundreds of interviews over the phone. And I’ve never had a tape or digital file where I sound crystal clear and the person I’m talking to sounds so gravely and far away. If the other person is on a cell phone (I’ve only seen recording devices that plug into land lines), the whole recording has the staticky, muffled quality.

But that is hardly proof that something is up with the tape. I’m more curious to hear what Mel’s lawyer’s “evidence” is. [TMZ]