Is Athletic Prowess All Determined By The Belly Button?

Could your belly button reveal clues about your athletic ability? It just might, according to a study conducted by Duke University and Howard University. Scientists say that the navel position is the reason black people tend to dominate on the race track, while white people tend to excel in the swimming pool. Wait, did I read that correctly? Is this for real? Get me a measuring tape! So, your belly button is the center of gravity in your body. “Individuals of West African-origin have longer legs than European-origin athletes, which means their belly buttons are three centimeters (1.18 inches) higher than whites,” said Andre Bejan, the lead author of the study. So this “hidden height,” “which is three percent greater than whites,” gives black athletes a significant speed advantage on the track. Running is basically falling forward continually, and mass that falls from a greater height falls faster. Lower navels, on the other hand, mean longer torsos, giving whites a 1.5-percent speed advantage in the pool. A longer torso makes a bigger wave in the water, and swimming is basically surfing the wave the swimmer creates.

Apparently, the higher your belly button, the faster you run. Too bad I didn’t know this tidbit of information when I was being humiliated in gym class. [Yahoo! News]