I-Dosing Gets Teens High Digitally?!

You’re probably asking yourself: “How the hell is it possible to get high digitally?” Well, you know those ecstasy-hungry and internet-savvy teens are always looking for the next big high. And apparently, one only needs a set of headphones, an MP3 player, and an internet connection to experience “i-dosing,” which involves purchasing “digital drugs” from a dealer on a website. So what are these drugs? Basically, it’s just “music” or largely a droning sound. These sites promise the teens that they only need to listen to the tracks to experience the same effects as marijuana, cocaine, opium, and peyote. One of the tracks teens are listening to is “Gates of Hades,” which is available for free on YouTube, but I’m guessing these online dealers are banking on teens needing a stronger high after awhile. Then, the teens will come to their site looking for something better, but will need a 40-page guide to help them learn how to get a proper digital high.

I-dosing sounds like a load of bologna to me. A rip-off! I listened to a few minutes of “Gates of Hades” and the only feeling I felt was annoyance. The droning sound reminded me of the test used to determine hearing ability. I have a feeling that most of these tracks would become white noise after awhile. My theory is that these teens think they’re experiencing a sense of ecstasy because they’re supposed to. It’s all in their heads, and not the way real drugs are. But still, parents should be cautious because if their child is willing to try this, then what else will they do to get high? [Wired via Impact Lab]