Here’s Your Chance To Date A New York Newbie

Remember how yesterday we were all “New York guys suck!” (Um, for the record, I don’t really think that. I’ve only dated one New Yorker, actually — long distance, I might add, and it worked out so well I moved to Manhattan and married him.) We suggested that if you were a single woman living in NYC, you should stake out newbies to the city for the best shot at a successful romance. Well, ladies — here’s your chance! Young Brian, as 23-year-old guy just off the boat from Wisconsin, is looking for someone to go out with. Actually, he’s looking for 30 someones to go out with as part of his 30 dates in 30 days project. (Just, please, Brian, if you know what’s good for you, skip the date with Julia Allison.) Brian seems like a sweet and earnest guy — cute, too (though I feel kinda gross saying that as he looks young enough to be my son), and I bet you’ll have a fun date if you go out with him. Brian’s project kicks off on Monday and you can tweet or email him to nominate yourself or someone else for a date.