Bristol Palin And Levi Johnston Are Maybe Getting A Reality Show?

I was tickled when I saw that Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston had announced their engagement to Us Weekly before they’d told Sarah Palin. But now some are saying the young lovers reunited and orchestrated this drama in order to get a reality show. According to Gawker, “Within the next four to six weeks, Palin’s PR people will be releasing news that Bristol and Levi have signed on to ‘star’ in a new reality show. All about young parenting. And yes, they will also work up to a wedding.”

I have to be honest. I’m not mad at the idea of Bristol and Levi getting their own show. Since Sarah Palin and that old guy lost the presidential election, Bristol has been left to single motherhood, supposedly supporting herself as a receptionist at a dermatologist’s office and caring for Tripp at night. Hopefully, her reality “acting” skills will be better than her regular acting, which was demonstratively awful in her “Secret Life of an American Teenager” cameo.

Meanwhile, Levi has to contribute $1,700 a month in child support, which is a helluva lot of money for a 20-year-old high school drop-out. Johnston also can’t leave the state since he wants to share custody of their son Tripp. So he can’t just move to Hollywood to start the acting career he’s always dreamed of. And since Levi has been talking about making way lamer-sounding shows—like the one where he tries to “land a new girlfriend” or his “docudrama”—this is really the lesser evil. Plus, they can’t be any worse than Speidi or the Gosselins! [Gawker]

One blogger called this would-be show “‘Bethenny Getting Married’ meets ‘Northern Exposure’ meets the Republican Convention.” I’m not a fan of Bristol, since I have trouble supporting a teenage mother who still thinks that abstinence is the answer, but there’s something boyishly endearing about Levi and his Palin-torturing antics. And despite what the rumor mill says, I believe that they love each other and have been put in a less-than-favorable situation. Since their mutual fame and the future of their child depend on each other, it only makes sense that they would sell out at the first opportunity. I sure as hell would. And perhaps more importantly, this is going to really piss off Sarah Palin. [NY Daily News]

Would you guys watch the Levi and Bristol show? Do you hate me now for admitting I maybe would?