10 Tips For Throwing The Best Bachelorette Beach Party Ever

If the future bride isn’t crazy about Vegas, male strippers or pornographic party favors, try hitting the beach for a memorable bachelorette party. Be as tame or as wild as you want to be and give the bride the send-off she deserves. Whether you visit shores close to home or fly off to an exotic locale, some tips after the jump to keep the festivities running smoothly.

  1. Scope out the beach beforehand. It doesn’t matter how many online reviews you’ve read, you’ll want to see your party destination in person. You don’t want the bride sidestepping trash or piles of dead fish, and it’s not much fun to party on a creepily quiet beach. Look for lively crowds, hunky college boys and clear water and sands. For destination parties, arrive a day before the bride so you’ll have time to check things out.
  2. Look for beach volleyball courts. These mini sports arenas can inspire awe or fits of hysterical laughter, depending on the players’ skill level. It’s also the perfect way to ogle all those hunky, athletic dude, or better yet, join them in a game.
  3. Book a room. Even if you’re not traveling far to the beach, it’s a lot easier to hit a nearby hotel to shower and change than driving all the way home with sandy feet and a wet swimsuit. Share rooms to save on hotel costs, or bunk up at the closest bridesmaid’s house. For a destination bachelorette party, book well in advance so you can get rooms next to each other. Having to sleep on the beach probably won’t go over well.
  4. Embarrass yourselves. A white rhinestone baseball hat with mini-veil blocks the sun’s rays and looks hilarious with the bride’s bikini. Go all out and buy glittery custom Team Bride t-shirts for everyone. It’s a dorky bachelorette party tradition, but identifying yourselves as a bridal party can act as a get-out-of-jail-free card for any harmless acts of idiocy.
  5. Look for shade. If you’re hosting the beach party close to home, be sure to pack enough umbrellas for everyone to take shelter. For hotel beaches, look into renting a cabana. Upscale establishments have cabanas with mini-bars, fans and misters, TVs, plenty of lounge chairs, and even sexy cabana boys. Split the cost between the bachelorette partiers to save cash.
  6. Plan for refreshments. A full day at the beach requires plenty of hydration and food. If you’re packing a picnic lunch, don’t forget to add snacks to nibble on later in the day. Check the local laws before bringing alcohol, and pack plenty of water. Popular beaches often have their own refreshment stands or restaurants. Your hotel may also offer an outdoor cafe or swim-up bar.
  7. Bring along toys Water toys or inflatable rafts are a must. Floating under the blue skies with a drink in hand can be relaxing for the bride-to-be. It can also be hilarious trying to climb onto flimsy blow-up chairs while the waves are crashing you all back onto shore.
  8. Take a ride. Popular public and resort beaches can offer Jet Ski, boat and parasailing rides. The bride may not want strippers at her bachelorette party, but she might want surfing or windsurfer lessons from a local tanned hottie. Stick together in pairs or groups–it’s not fun for anyone to be alone on the water or on shore.
  9. Get comfortable. Lying on a wet towel or drying off with a sandy one just won’t do for a bachelorette party. Bring enough blankets and beach chairs for everyone to sit or lay on, and the bride-to-be always gets the best spot.
  10. Don’t forget the sunscreen. Stock up on protection … sun protection that is. Make sure the bride stays slathered in sunscreen. You don’t want her accessorizing her elegant strapless wedding gown with lobster red skin and bright white tan lines. Look for waterproof varieties with SPF 30 and above, and bring along spray-on sunscreen for quick touch-ups.