ZOMG! Did You Watch The SHOCKING “Hills” Finale?!

Well, I didn’t! But I saw part of the after-show and then some clips online and CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, but it brazenly hinted that the reality show may have just been fake all along! What?! So, during the final scene, Brody Jenner is waving goodbye to a car carrying Kristen Cavallari to the airport, when the background scenery behind him — featuring the Hollywood sign — starts to move. And then you realize, Holy crap, it’s a set! The camera pans away and we see Brody standing among a television set being broken down by crew members; and that car carrying Kristen? Well, it’s still there — she exits, gives the Brodester a hug, as the crew cheers and fist bumps. And that’s a wrap! What does it all mean? People are either going to think this ending was really stupid or really clever. Without seeing the full episode, it’s hard for me to say, but my gut says it was actually a smart move for a reality show that has been accused of being scripted for years. Why not just ‘ess up? Kristen and Brody said on the after-show that the point was to call into question what was real and what was fake — I guess we’ll never really know. One thing I am sure of? I am so glad to have Heidi and Spencer (who were kicked off the show midway through the final season) off my television and out of my life for good.