8 Wedding Gift Ideas For Bristol Palin And Levi Johnston

So. Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are engaged. Well, duh, Bristol ain’t no fool! Girlfriend knows Levi is a hot hunk of man meat and methinks that “abstinence pledge” kick she was on wasn’t a lick of fun. Even though I think it’s highly questionable the pair thinks they can happily reunite after so much public acrimony in the past, at least they’re trying to make it work for baby Tripp, right? … Right?

Ah, well. We suspect we won’t be invited to the impending nuptials — sure to be frosty in more ways than one! — but it would only be polite to send a gift. After the jump, some wedding gift suggestions for Bristol and Levi.

  1. Industrial-strength Trojans.
  2. A baby car seat for snowmobile racing.
  3. A mother-in-law apartment set far, far away from the house.
  4. His and hers rifles.
  5. A nice wolf skin rug.
  6. A threesome with Kathy Griffin. (What? You know she’d do it.)
  7. A publicist.
  8. A prenup.

Any suggestions for Levi and Bristol? Let us know, after the jump.