Tried & True: Korres Lip Butter

I am adamant about always having smooth and kissable-looking lips. After all, who wants to look at chapped, cracked, and super dry lips, let alone smooch them? Nothing about skin falling off your lips is attractive, and it’s definitely not appetizing. But lip gloss isn’t meant for moisturizing. Most of them are too sticky, some are too thick and heavy, others dry out your lips, and the majority don’t do anything but make you look like your lips got slimed. I used to just use ChapStick for moisture. Then I transitioned to Aquaphor, but I still wanted something with a bit of a tint and a little gloss. I tried a couple other products until I finally found Korres Lip Butter. This lip product is aptly named because it’s smooth like butter! The rice wax and shea butter pack hours of moisture before re-application is necessary. Gone are the days of that sticky gloss feeling, but the Lip Butter does give your lips a light tint — the four shades available are sure to work with any skin tone. The great thing about Korres Lip Butter is that it’s not a gloss nor a lip balm. It is a butter with a bit of a shine that will make your lips very kissable all day long. [$10, Korres]