Today’s Lady News: Judge Blocks Mental Health Screening For Abortion Law

  • A federal judge has blocked a new Nebraska law that would require a mental health screening for a woman who is seeking an abortion. [Journal Star]
  • Ex-Miss America 2008 Kristen Haglund is speaking out about her battle with an eating disorder. Her non-profit, The Kristen Haglund Foundation, provides financial aid for those seeking treatment. []
  • This week the Department of Veterans Affairs relaxed the proof veterans must provide to receive benefits for post-traumatic stress disorder — but sexual assault was left out entirely. [ColorLines]

  • According to a new statewide poll, eight in 10 Texans would like high schools to teach students about contraception, including the use of condoms. [Houston Chronicle]
  • A report by American University says hundreds of Mexican women temporarily working on the coast of Maryland each summer to gather crabs are exploited by their employers. Few of the women speak English, investigators said, and they lived in housing with backed-up sewage and no working stove and were often not paid the minimum wage. [Washington Post]
  • Women are being turned away from domestic violence shelters due to lack of space, according to AOL Black Voices. [Essence]
  • Yale University in Connecticut has established a new research program on addictive behaviors in women, including tobacco, illegal drugs, alcohol, and overeating. [Health News Digest]
  • Check out this old, 2001 U.S. Army comic book — yes, comic book — called Dignity & Respect: A Training Guide on Homosexual Conduct Policy. [Yahoo News]
  • Naomi Wolf, acclaimed author of The Beauty Myth, takes on the “high cost” of “cheap fashion.” [Project Syndicate]
  • This chick lives in a convent but isn’t a nun. [Crushable]
  • Culture blog Flavorwire rounded up their favorite female writers. Erica Jong, yes. Barbara Kingsolver, yes. Sloane Crosely, yes. BUT HOW IN GOD’S NAME did Kendra Wilkinson from “The Girls Next Door” end up as #3? [Flavorwire]


  • British actress Denise Van Outen says she’s given up breast feeding because of the paparazzi. “I can’t be sitting in Starbucks and breastfeeding because they are taking pictures,” she said. [The Sun UK]