The Most Common Lies People Tell When Dating Online

OKCupid has compiled another one of their exhaustive reports on online dating factoids after surveying their data, and this time around we get to find out what exactly men and women are lying about when it comes to online dating. Really, there are no big surprises here, but it’s sort of eye-opening when you see how, well, endemic it is. For example, it’s not like a few dudes lie about their height. Like, large numbers of them are claiming to be two-inches taller than they really are. Maybe that’s no big deal if you’re a 5’6″ chick, but I’m 6’1″, and homie don’t play that. People also lie like hell about their income and on average make 20 percent less than they claim. Another conclusion: The more attractive your photo is, the more likely it’s out of date. Also? All you people frontin’ about being bisexual? Mostly, you’re straight. In any case, it’s sort of disheartening, until you realize that we’re all, in one way or another, misrepresenting ourselves, to some degree — aren’t we? [OKCupid]