The Top 100 Girl Names Of The Year Are … Weird

I consider myself quite the name game-changer by having an “i” instead of a “y” at the end of “Kelli.” But I have nothing on the crop of kiddies that we can expect in the next nine months. The baby name website recently released their list of the top 100 girl names searched for during the first half of this year. Now, Nameberry is different from the annual U.S. list of most popular baby names, because it is based on searches and not actual birth records. Also, the site is open to all countries, with the U.S. making up a third of the queries. Regardless, their list shows signs of a new generation filled with some truly bizarre names. Golden oldies like Lauren, Sarah, and Rachel have been exiled from the list and replaced with names like Esme. Hello, “Twilight” effect! And that’s not the only search that appears to have pop culture-influenced. It’s no doubt “Lost” fans who put Evangeline in the top 50; and could peeps be naming their baby girls Quinn after the character on “Glee“?

But these names are tame compared to some of the oddities that made the list. After the jump check out the 10 titles we thought were the weirdest.

  1. Seraphina. This is the number two name on the list, which absolutely perplexed me. It turns out it’s what Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner named their second child.
  2. Imogen. A shout-out to singer Imogen Heap?
  3. Mae. The named usually tacked on the end of Fannie or Maggie is going solo.
  4. Emmeline. It seems when a name gets old, adding a suffix always bring it new life. This one, I am still a little unsure about.
  5. Harlow. Nicole Richie is finally making a difference in the world—just not in the way she probably expected.
  6. Coco. Hopefully, this isn’t parents taking an interest in Ice-T’s wife, Coco, and more taking inspiration from Chanel’s classy leading lady.
  7. Arabella. Since Isabella also made the list, and both can be shortened to Bella, this has to be the “Twilight” influence on unborn children. Kristen Stewart would be broodingly proud.
  8. Maeve. This name is like the Aphrodite of Ireland. It is taking from the warrior queen Medb, who was known for being intoxicating to all men.
  9. Avery. Taken from the boys? This is the first reference I heard to Avery being used for girls. It also supposedly means “elf council,” so “Lord Of The Ring” fans take note.
  10. Aurora. As a big “Sleeping Beauty” fan, I am happy to see my favorite princess making the list.

Are these new unconventional picks a good way to go in baby naming? [Huffington Post]