Michelle Duggar Of “19 Kids And Counting” Wins Mother Of The Year Award

Oh, dear. TLC’s resident brood sow “19 Kids and Counting” star Michelle Duggar has received a “Mother of the Year Award.” Perhaps she is a fine mother to her children, but she is most famous for having many of them — which is not in-and-of-itself a marker of good parenthood at all. It’s silly to equate the idea of being a “good mother” with a having good child-bearing hips. (I’m not saying having lots of kids automatically makes you a bad mom — I’m one of five kids, after all — so don’t kick up a fuss!) I wonder what kinda message this sends to mommies who feel stressed with only one or two kids.At least the award only came from a “baby conference” co-hosted by an organization called Ladies Against Feminism, which has an erroneous “article” smack dab in the middle of their home page about the non-existent breast cancer/abortion connection. So their judgment is questionable to begin with.

It’s got me thinking, though: which prodigious birther will win a “Mother of the Year” award next? Kate Gosselin? OctoMom? [Feministing]