Mel Gibson’s Screaming Rant At Ex #4: Profanity By The Numbers

Memo to future girlfriends of Mel Gibson: he wants a blowjob before the Jacuzzi, got it?

Another day, another snippet of an alleged abusive screaming phone call from Mel to his ex/baby mama, Oksana Grigorieva. Having listened to all of Mel’s psychotic screaming and creepy panting, I can say this one is the scariest.

After the jump, Mel’s profanity and blowjob requirements, tallied up.Number of time Mel says “f**k” or “f**king,” including “I deserve to be blown first, before the f**king Jacuzzi!”: approximately 16

Number of time Mel calls Oksana a bitch: 2

Number of time Mel says “I should have f**king woken you up and said ‘blow me!'”: 2

Number of time Mel tells Oksana “you’re a pain in my ass!” 3

Number of time Mel says “I’ve done nothing but be nice to you!”: 3

Number of time Mel says “You know how to f**king push my buttons! I can’t get like this anymore and you know you’re doing it!”: 1

Number of time Mel says he wants his and Oksana’s daughter to stay with him: 2

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Sure, the racist and misogynist crap he said — “if you get raped by a pack of n***ers it’ll be your own fault,” “wetbacks” — was disgusting. But judging by what they’re fighting about in snippet #4, Mel thought Oksana would be a prostitute/maid, not a girlfriend. He deserves a blowjob from Oksana before she falls asleep just because: “I deserve to be blown first, before the f**king Jacuzzi! I’ll burn the goddamn house down, but blow me first!” He’d rather have a maid than Oksana because “they make the goddamn bed when you did not!” And Mel blames Oksana when he “get(s) like this” and says “you know you’re doing it!” Ugh, blaming someone else for your own behavior is classic domestic abuser behavior.