Jennifer Saunders Of “Absolutely Fabulous” Showed Cancer Who’s Boss

In many ways, “Absolutely Fabulous” feels like a spoof of “Sex and the City 2” made 18 years before the movie existed. A British sitcom that ran from 1992 to 1996 and again from 2001 to 2004, “Ab Fab” was about two best friends—Edina and Patsy—who’ve reached their late 40s without ever sort-of, kind-of settling down. These two lifelong friends chain smoke, drink a ton, take lots of drugs, and refer to themselves as nymphos. They are total label whores—”It’s Lacroix, darling”—who put together seriously insane outfits, and are overly proud of themselves for having been scenesters in the ’60s and ’70s. And they’re nasty—not at all above pushing an old lady down the stairs because she was moving too slow. In other words, they’re totally hilarious. The series was created and written by Jennifer Saunders, who also played Edina. (Who, coincidentally, owned a PR firm, just like Samantha.) And apparently, Jennifer has been fighting breast cancer for the past year. We’re very happy to hear that she is now in remission and is starting to be seen again in public, sporting a wig and bandanna. Perhaps now that she’s recovered, she and Joanna Lumley, who played Patsy, can get together for a movie? [CBS News]