Frisky Rant: Danielle Staub May Have A Point

I’ve had a couple of days to process the “unbeweavable” episode of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” that aired on Monday night. In case you missed it, it came complete with name calling, hair pulling, broken boots, dirty accusations, police reports, and of course, subsequent lawsuits. But believe it or not, I’m feeling mildly sympathetic toward Danielle Staub. Maybe all of her fears about being attacked were not unfounded after all?I’ll admit that Danielle was acting like a total a-hole during the Posche (pronounced posh) fashion show, but I expect that from her. To her credit, she didn’t try to start anything with the ladies. What I did not expect was Teresa Giudice’s lunacy. What was she doing? Trying to start a fight so she could go home to her foreclosed mansion and tell her husband about it as foreplay? That’s sick.

And Jacqueline Laurita. Shame on her. She needs to control her daughter! I’ve always thought that Jacqueline would try to keep the peace at all costs, but her attempts to restrain Teresa and Ashley were pathetic. She even seemed to be smirking. And Ashley? Oh Ashley. Have we heard any explanation as to why that girl isn’t getting dragged by the ear to college? Higher education is what she needs to be involved in, not Danielle drama. Finally, Kim (Posche’s owner) is a two-faced beyatch! I think she set this whole dirty thing up to draw business to her stupid store.

Was Danielle overreacting for effect, shaking and crying behind a bush? For sure. Does she have the police on speed dial? Probably. Is she crazy? Definitely. But the other women had a responsibility not to kick the rabid dog, and they did anyway. No matter how mad someone makes you or how crazy they may be, that doesn’t give you the right to attack them. Shame on them for thinking the incident was funny. It was not funny; it was illegal.

Phew. So what did you think?