Bring Some Bugs To Your Picnic

Nothing puts a damper on a day in the park like ants crawling into your picnic basket. Gross. I shudder at the thought of mosquitoes, crickets, and wasps. Ugh, they’re icky! And I’m quick to kill ‘em (sorry, animal lovers), but insects give me the heebie jeebies. Now, however, there’s a better way to have bugs at your picnic or garden party. After the jump, check out cute ways to let insects infest your wardrobe.

1. Winged Insect Necklace, $148, Free People
2. Beatle Drop Earrings, $31.50 on sale, Betsey Johnson
3. Moon Moth Cover-Up, $68, Anthropologie
4. Stone Insect Ring, $20, TopShop
5. Magicicada Earrings, $29.99, ModCloth
6. Bug Print Cape Tee, $50, TopShop

[Background Image: iStockphoto]