Beauty Test Drive: Bare Lifts Braless Bra

One of these days we’re going to wise up and give up on the whole braless bra concept. But apparently that day hasn’t arrived yet, because we got super excited when Bare Lifts came in the mail. The adhesives promised to be an “Instant Breast Lift” and we trusted them. In fact, we trusted them so much that we stuck them onto our bare chesticles in an overly optimistic attempt to eliminate the need for real bras. Oh silly us. Unsurprisingly, stickers still don’t make good bras.In fact, unless your chest is small enough that you don’t actually need a bra in the first place, the function of Bare Lifts starts and ends at basically just being chest accessories. The lifting is minimal to non-existent, the application awkward and our dreams crushed. Back to the bra it is, girls. [$10/10, Bare Lifts, Amazon]