Will A-Rod’s Part In The Movie “Friends With Benefits” Be A Home Run?

As if New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez needed any more celebrities surrounding him, it’s recently been announced that he will have a small part in the movie “Friends With Benefits.” The film stars Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis as—surprise, surprise—two buddies who causally boink. And no, this is not a cameo—he will actually be acting. “Space Jam” aside, I think that it has never been a good idea to try to turn an athlete into an actor. See: “Kazam.” “Friends With Benefits” will begin filming this month in New York City, and producers have already announced that shooting for Rodriguez’s part will only happen on his off days. Still, Yankees fans are more worried about the effect this will have on A-Rod’s ball game. [NY Post]

Do think his first foray into acting will be a home run or a major foul?