10 Horrible Summer Party Ideas To Steer Clear Of

Summer is the time for fabulous parties that, when done right, are the stuff legends are made of. If you want your summer soiree to be famous and not infamous, here are the top 10 party ideas to cross off your list, especially if you’re planning to keep your friends through the fall.

  1. The White Castle Party. If you are planning to have your shindig catered by White Castle, don’t forget to have an unlimited supply of Natty Ice beer and boxed wine on hand.
  2. The Same-Sex-Only Sleep-Over. Unless you are gay, this kind of party stopped being fun when you were nine. Actually, come to think of it, it wasn’t fun then either, especially not for the unlucky girl whose underwear ended up in the freezer.
  3. The Vegan Cookout. Whipping up vegan burgers, soy milk smoothies and tofu dogs and inviting all the hardcore, meat-eating men you know over and trying to convert them may not go over too well.
  4. The Boggle Tournament. Anyone? Anyone? The winner takes home a copy of The Unabridged History of Boggle.
  5. The Ex-Boyfriend Bonfire. You and the girls can burn everything those pesky exes ever gave you in hopes of starting a real fire and gaining a fireman for your new beau. Or not.
  6. The “Star Trek” Marathon. Costumes strongly encouraged. Fun strongly discouraged. Unless you are Amelia and Simcha.
  7. The Pay-Per-Guest Party. Why not charge $10 a person to get into your party only to have the guests find out that there is no food, games, music, or drinks … except tap water. Wouldn’t that be funny?
  8. The Tupperware Party In Disguise. Inviting all your friends over for “Margarita Madness” only to have them realize upon arrival that you will be attempting to sell them Tupperware, Amway, or Pampered Chef is duplicitous. Very duplicitous.
  9. The Prohibition Party. Forbidding alcohol of any kind to be consumed on the premises is cruel and unusual punishment, not a party.
  10. The ABC (Anything But Clothes) Party. You and your boss need not see each other necked.