You Know You’re A Geek When …

In honor of Embrace Your Geekiness Day, I’ve come to terms with my awkward and nerdy side. It’s OK, really it is, that my friends know me as the “Harry Potter expert” and come to me for study tips instead of boy advice. I’ve embraced my high GPA and love for the theater instead of the nightclub, and so should you. Not sure if you pass the geek test? Here’s how you can tell if you’re a dork (trust me, I would know).

  1. You chat online with your grandparents.
  2. You have more books on your bookshelf than you have music in your iTunes library.
  3. You still squeal a little when you get a friend request from a cute guy … from high school.
  4. You take naps in the comfy chairs at Barnes & Noble.
  5. You strike up conversation with total strangers while waiting in the check-out line at Trader Joe’s.
  6. You watch “Jeopardy” and “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” religiously and are considering auditioning to make some extra dough.
  7. You crack a joke, and no one laughs … except for you.
  8. You have a not-so-secret addiction to bad television and/or trashy romance novels.
  9. You’re still trying to figure out what Twitter is.
  10. You still have a shrine to N’Sync in your closet, and you still fight the BSB vs. N’Sync battle with anyone who will listen.
  11. Even when you have a guy stay over, you get a slight urge to reach for your retainer, which sits in its pink plastic case on your nightstand.
  12. You speak in abbrevs on the reg, and you use the word “samesies,” even though “samesies” is a longer word than “same.”
  13. You wear Tevas daily. (If you’re asking yourself why Tevas make you a dork, then you are a dork.)
  14. You took Chinese instead of Spanish or French class in college.
  15. You TiVO the History Channel.
  16. You have a list of “Things To Look Up Online” on your to-do list.
  17. Every year, you spend weeks perfecting your Chewbacca costume for Halloween.
  18. Your Mac takes priority over meals, personal hygiene, and sex.
  19. National Geographic and The Wall Street Journal are the only publications you subscribe to.
  20. You can’t go anywhere without your planner, and you spend hours in Office Depot lusting over office supplies.