Today’s Lady News: Police Cover Up Naked Female Mannequin In Department Store Window

  • A naked mannequin — female, natch — in Beatrice, Nebraska, caused such a stir that police have taped paper over department store windows while they investigate whether it’s “obscene.” Meanwhile, the store is threatening to sue the police for trespassing, destruction of property, and littering. []
  • The lower house of the French Parliament has approved a ban on women wearing face-covering Muslim veils in public. It will head to the French Senate in September, although legal scholars say it may be unconstitutional if it passes. Critics say the ban is anti-Islamic, but supporters say it is oppressive for a woman to wear a niqub or burqa in public. [AP]
  • A federal court in San Francisco will take up a Guatemalan woman’s asylum claim on account of the high murder rate for women in Lesly Yajayra Perdomo’s home country. The Center for Gender and Refugee Studies at UC-SF said over 3,800 women have been murdered in Guatemala and less than two percent of those murders have been solved. The court also required that the Board of Immigration decide whether all women who hail from countries with high rates of gender abuse could qualify for asylum. [AP]
  • NFL star Lawrence Taylor has plead not guilty to charges that he raped a 16-year-old girl who was working as a prostitute. [Los Angeles Times]

  • New Census statistics found that between 2000 and 2007, women owned almost one in three small businesses in the U.S. [Washington Post]
  • Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidate, Bill Brady, is being skewered for his record on women. Brady has voted against creating family and maternity leave, voted against expanding mammogram coverage and does not support keeping abortion legal, even in cases of rape and incest. [Chicago Tribune]
  • A federal judge in Nebraska is currently hearing arguments regarding a Nebraska law, set to go into effect on Thursday, that would require a woman seeking an abortion to have a mental health screening. []
  • Police say a New Mexico gunman who shot his girlfriend at her office was “a domestic violence situation that spilled into the workplace.” Two people died during the shooting and five others were shot, including the girlfriend who is currently in critical condition. [CNN]
  • A 2006 Illinois state law excuses breastfeeding mothers from jury duty, but a court house in Lake County has only given one mom an extension. The jury commission told Alisah Patel, mother of a three-month-old, that it will not offer her another extension. [Chicago Tribune]
  • A non-profit called Brides Across America is donating wedding dresses to military women who are deployed, getting ready to be deployed, or have a fiancé on active duty in Iraq or Afghanistan. []
  • What do we think of these “body language mistakes” that women leaders make? “Acting girlish”? [Forbes]


  • The human rights group Human Rights Watch is warning the Afghan government that negotiating with the Taliban may hurt Afghani women, who are intimidated from working, attending school and engaging in public life. [BBC]
  • Egyptian women say the workplace is not welcoming. [New York Times]
  • Japanese women say the workforce has not welcomed them with open arms, either. [Wall Street Journal]
  • British police are investigating the sexual assault of two 13-year-old girls at a concert in Norfolk on Saturday night. A man was allegedly groping them during the show, until two women intervened to stop him. [BBC]
  • The Women’s Minister of Canada has condemned so-called “honor killings,” in which women are murdered by family members for allegedly bringing shame upon its name. Women are killed this way for slights like dating a man from a different religion or having sex before marriage. [The Globe and Mail]