Thierry Mugler’s New Fragrance, Womanity, Is Awesome

There are a lot of great perks that come with working for The Frisky. The hot tub cubicle. The male courtesans. The shirtless video messages from the Old Spice guy. Previously, I’ve written here about Thierry Mugler fragrances, of which I am a fan, so when a Mugler rep emailed me, asking, “Can we send you some samples of our new scent, Womanity?” I said, “Yes, please!” And so they did. I already have or have had Angel, Alien, and Rose Angel. My most recent purchase: Angel Sunessence. Yes, I’m addicted. But I was intrigued to find out what Womanity smells like.

Last week, I found a giant box on my doorstep, filled with Womanity perfume, lotions, and even a travel-sized spritzer. Upstairs, I sprayed some of the eau de parfum on my arm and sniffed. So, here’s the thing about Mugler fragrances. They don’t smell like anything else. They’re a little weird. They’re unusual. There’s something about them that’s special. I’m sure they’re not for everyone, but if you happen to fancy yourself an angel, an alien, or a member of womanity, they’re for you. Womanity is no different. Yes, I liked it, but what in heaven’s name did it smell like? I don’t know that I could say, not then, not now, even after having worn it every day for two weeks straight. It’s floral, and there’s something like tuber roses about it, and yet at the same time, there’s something sort of feral or, say, dangerous about it. The promotional materials describe its sweetness as having a “note of fig, with its juicy, fruity flesh, a diaphanous milkiness,” which sounds sort of like a porn movie, and “Then, a cheeky note of savory: subtle, troubling, almost animal — caviar. Mordant and magnetic.” Not everyone wants to smell “troubling,” but dammit, I do.

Not long after I donned some for the first time, I went to an appointment, and right away a woman asked me what I was wearing. Right now, not everyone’s rocking it, so if you want to smell like no one else, even if that no one else is described as containing elements of “fig wood and leaf,” this is the scent for you. I like the Womanity body milk better than the body cream, because the fragrance in the former is stronger and lasts longer. The perfume isn’t cheap, nor is it crazily expensive; one ounce will run you around $60. But, hey, you get a bottle with a woman’s head on it and a cap-collar attached to the vial with a chain. What is womanity? I can’t say I know. Some sort of 21st century Amazonian collective that smells really good, I suppose.