The YMCA Changes Its Name, The Village People Get Mad

After 166 years as the Young Men’s Christian Association, the YMCA officially changed its name to “the Y” this week. I guess they realized that lots of women and folks of assorted religions were using the facilities? Although, now what are they going to do with all the old folks in the locker room? Obviously, this change has a big effect on one specific group of people—the Village People. “We are deeply dismayed by today’s announcement from the YMCA that they feel a name change and a rebranding are in order after 166 years,” the band wrote in a statement. “Some things remain iconic and while we admire the organization for the work they do, we still can’t help but wonder Y.” Badum-ching. Luckily, they’ll be performing the song as originally written on tour this summer, so that you can still do the fun making-letters-out-of-your-body thang. [Huffington Post]