Being A “Club Girl” Is Now A Profession

The tabloids are chock-full of insider information procured from vague sources. And while some anonymous sources are no doubt actually friends with a star, readers are still left wondering who these tattletale BFFs are. Enter “club girls,” a small squad of statuesque young ladies who are hired by tabloids to befriend celebs while out at the hottest night spots, and then report back with any scandalous info. Yes, modern journalism has hit another low, allowing these girls to call themselves journalists when their real job description is to trick celebrities into trusting them and then sell their stories to the writers of gossip rags. It is these ladies who gather up dirt—like about Britney Spears switching outfits with a bartender or what really happens during celebrity feuds at a club—by being inside armed with smartphone. And they get paid big for it. Working your way into a prominent celeb social circle and hocking the drama that happens inside can get you over $50,000 a tidbit on occasion.

As one club girl summarizes it, “It is like being a call girl without the sex.” But that isn’t always the case. While some are in it for the ludicrous amounts of cash, others are hoping that the job will land them in bed or in love with a famous face. Or that it will, uh, kick-start their acting career. And I thought reality television was a flawed road to fame.

Let’s hope little girls don’t find out about this. The last thing we need is children believing that being a celebrity-crazed semi-prostitute is a logical career plan. [L.A. Times]