According To Whoopi Goldberg, Mel Gibson Isn’t “Racist Racist”

Newsflash! Whoopi Goldberg, a black woman, wants to assure you that she knows Mel Gibson and despite what the actor allegedly says on those tapes released this week, he is not a racist. Mel Gibson has been inside Whoopi’s house and hung out with her daughter and since they are both black, his deigning them with his presence means he is so not a racist. Essentially, that is what Goldberg argued during “The View”‘s Hot Topics segment yesterday, when the gals were discussing Mel’s screaming rant at ex Oksana Grigorieva, in which he told her that if she were raped by a pack of n***ers it would be her fault. Whoopi doesn’t approve of Gibson’s language, of course — she goes as far as to call him boneheaded! — but his use of the n-word, in her opinion, does not make him a racist. Seriously, Whoopi? You can be friends with a black person and still be racist. Just look at Strom Thurmond. He supported racial segregation while also fathering a child with a black woman. Still racist! My grandfather wasn’t a fan of black people, but he loved Louis Armstrong. Louis was one of the “good ones.” My grandfather was a f**king racist! Just because Mel Gibson had tea and biscuits at Casa de Goldberg and didn’t use the n-word doesn’t mean he’s not a racist.

Seriously, I am sick to death of Whoopi holding actors and other “artists” to different standards than regular folks and politicians. Roman Polanski is an amazing director; therefore, his having sex with a child (after giving her drugs!) isn’t “rape rape.” Whoopi isn’t going to “judge” Chris Brown for beating the living hell out of Rihanna “because we don’t know what happened.” We don’t? And now Mel Gibson isn’t a “racist” (or a “racist racist”) because Whoopi knows him personally — because they’re both thessssspians and part of the creative Hollywood community — and it’s not like he ever tried to tie a noose around her neck or throw a Klan rally in her front yard. He can’t be a racist!

And lastly, threatening to “bury someone in the rose garden” isn’t boneheaded, Whoopi. I know you were searching for language that was safe for television, so here are a few suggestions: Evil. Vile. Despicable. Revolting. “Boneheaded” should be used to describe talk show hosts who need to stop defending the vile actions of others simply because they’re rich and f**king famous.