7 Weird Ways To Tote Booze (Obviously Invented By Drunk People)

bootlegger flask jpg
Drinkers are some of the most two-faced people out there. After a few drinks, they’re incredibly lazy, which is why things like the beer helmet exist. But they’re also inventive (or at least they think they are three glasses in), which is also why the beer helmet exists. In fact, now that we think about it, it would make sense if the makers of the Sky Mall catalog were just perpetually drunk. Here, some ridiculous ways to tote your booze—accessories obviously conceived while inebriated. Take, for example, the bootlegger ankle flask. No one will notice that! And if anyone does, you can just say it’s an ankle weight. People won’t even notice when you have to trade it in for an alcohol-monitoring bracelet. [Notcot]
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