6 Animals That Share An Affinity For Foreplay

molly2 71210 m jpg
According to a new study by Professor Ingo Schlupp, a zoologist at the University of Oklahoma, if the Mexican Molly fish could talk it would say, “Hey baby, you wanna mustache ride?” Basically, natural selection has made male Mollies into the Tom Sellecks of the sea. They have grown a thick, manly ‘stache they use in the art of seduction. Apparently, before they mate, they tickle their special lady’s hot spot with the spikey mohawk on their upper lip. Their foreplay technique is so remarkable, scientists have given it its own name: nipping. OK, so that name is just about as sexy as cunnilingus, but isn’t it nice to know that we human ladies aren’t the only gals who demand our men go downtown? Here are some more animals who agree you gotta lick it before we kick it.
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