Teen Vogue Discovers The Phenomenon Of A Gay Best Friend

Forget the must-have IT bag of the season; Teen Vogue has discovered the ultimate trend of the moment — a gay best friend or GBF. The teenybopper glossy has uncovered shocking, groundbreaking news: Girls like to hang out with boys who can dress well, are slightly snarky, will tell you exactly what they think of your outfit, and have a great sense of humor. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve had gay best friends my entire life (and they haven’t all fit the perfect gay mold that the mag describes), so I certainly wouldn’t considering this a new “thing.” But thanks to shows like “Glee” and “Ugly Betty,” the GBF has caught the attention of a younger generation, and 15-year-olds all over have discovered the joys of having their own gay best friends. Putting aside, for a sec, that GBFs are a) not new and b) people not accessories, here’s an interesting twist on this non-story: the rise of the in-demand GBFs. The Teen Vogue article goes on to explain that now it’s not about having your own gay best friend, it’s about having the most popular one. “There’s a guy who’s so in demand within this one social circle. Girls will get jealous if he spends a night out with someone else. They used to get guy-crazy; now they get gay-crazy,” explains one of the teenagers interviewed. Personally, I think this entire article is slightly ridiculous in the sense that no one should be fought over like an accessory, and it’s certainly not news that girls are attracted to gay best friends. If anything, the more interesting news is that more gay teens are feeling comfortable and accepted enough to come out to their peer group. But I guess feelings aren’t trendy enough for Teen Vogue. [Teen Vogue]