Shun, Shag, Or Marry: Angry Actors Edition

A lot of women are attracted to powerful jerks, perhaps in hopes that they’ll be mean to everyone but them. But there’s a thin line between anger issues and outright abuse. And while some men take it out on the paparazzi and cops, others take it out on their wives and family. It’s about time these men know we won’t stand for it, which is why we will objectify them with a little game we like to call Shun, Shag, or Marry: Angry Actors Edition.Shun: Mel Gibson
It’s a no-brainer to shun Mel Gibson at this point. Not only did he divorce his wife of 29 years just six months before his now ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, gave birth to their daughter Lucia, but the aftermath of that breakup is still coming to light. The misogynistic and racist remarks, charges of physical assault, restraining orders, and alleged threat to “bury you in the rose garden” are all major dealbreakers. It’s one thing to play a bad guy in a movie, but he’s not acting anymore. His latest tirade against Oksana makes him sound like a monster while she remains perfectly calm … even when he says things like “you should just f**king smile and blow me, because I f**king deserve it.” Classy, Mel. He’s also been dumped by his talent agency now, so his career has also been affected by his violence. Not a good look. Unsubscribe!

Shag: Sean Penn
Sean Penn is a fantastic actor and humanitarian, who would totally be marriage material had his previous marriages not gone so terribly sour. Madonna should have known things were bad when Penn used a shotgun to fire at paparazzi helicopters at their wedding. But with further allegations that Penn hit her in the head with a baseball bat and tied her to a chair with a lamp’s electrical cord, Penn is sounding like a total nutter. His marriage to Robin Wright also ended badly, but spanned nearly two decades. Sure, a marriage to Sean Penn is full of constant excitement and adventure, but sometimes a lady just wants some quiet time. But it’s hard to hate Penn when he’s still helping out in Haiti and has been such a strong advocate of gay rights. So I think a solid shagging is enough to show our respects, right? [Daily Mail]

Marry: Christian Bale
I’ve loved Christian Bale since the first time he put on a “Newsies” cap. But we witnessed his temper when he unleashed a tirade on the “Terminator Salvation” director of photography for walking by in the middle of an intense scene. Others on-set stood by the actor, acknowledging that it was an isolated incident and saying that Bale was “intensely involved in his character.” He also apologized shortly after, saying that he “acted like a punk.” The Welsh actor was also accused of abusing his mother and sister, but after going to the police station voluntarily and being released on bail three hours later, it came out that they were estranged and had allegedly come asking for money and insulted his wife. When he asked them to leave his hotel suite before “The Dark Knight” premiere, they refused and he allegedly pushed his mother, who immediately hit up news outlets trying to sell the story. The actor has been happily married to a former model, Sandra “Sibi” Blažić, for a decade and has an adorable daughter. Judging from photos, they’ve got some domestic bliss. With that accent and dedication to his craft, you know Bale’s gonna be intense but at least he knows right from wrong. And while it’s hard to get some of Bale’s “American Psycho” faces out of my head, it’s also hard to forget those “American Psycho” abs. Win. [The Celebrity Cafe]