Sam Ronson’s Got Lindsay’s Back In Nasty Twitter Fight With Joan Rivers

Fact: Joan Rivers will kick a girl when she’s down. The sharp-tongued comedienne turned on Lindsay Lohan this weekend, tweeting a string of funny-but-mean one-liners about the jailbird. In a totally uncharacteristic act of maturity, Lohan actually kept her cool on Twitter. So, who came to Lindsay’s defense? Her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson. See the whole exchange, after the jump …

Joan opened up with a slut joke, which is actually pretty funny.

And then a joke calling Lindsay dumb.

OMG, “party skank”!

Then Samantha Ronson is all, like, “step off, you old hag.”

Uh, what’s this about yams?

I dunno, Lindsay and her freakshow parents are kind of sad. I get that Joan is promoting a documentary and Lindsay’s an easy target. But maybe Joan should save her poison tongue for a celeb a bit more deserving of public ridicule — say, Mel Gibson?