Paper Towels, The Cheapest Alternative To Breast Implants

I was 10 years old and all I wanted was boobies. I wanted them so badly I would buy balloons, fill them up with water and then stick them in my shirt. I wasn’t even developed enough to be wearing a bra, and sure enough I owned a “training bra” so my miraculous boobies, that my mom told me I would eventually grow, would have a place to go. Regardless of how badly I wanted breasts, I never ever stuffed my bra with toilet paper. I was smart enough, even at the age of 10, to know that stuffing my bra with paper towels not only looks fake, but it feels fake, and is humiliating if and when it falls out of your shirt. How do you possibly explain the tissues that are sticking out from your shirt? I figured you don’t. Not that anyone was touching my breasts at 10, but bumping into a boy in gym class with paper towel boobies was not something any boy would ever let me live down and definitely not a risk worth taking. But the girl I saw while I was out the other night, didn’t see anything wrong with stuffing her bra with paper towels.
I was at a bar and while I was in the bathroom I noticed something l haven’t seen since my prepubescent days. As I came out of the stall, I couldn’t help but stare at the young woman in front of the mirror. There she was, clear as day, not a day over age 22, fully stuffing her bra with paper towels. I am the first to say, a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do, but then I thought, did this chick really think that you couldn’t tell her breasts were fake? If I was going to stuff my bra, you better believe it would be in the privacy of my own bathroom and that I would use tissues or toilet paper for a softer not so rigid appearance. The way she stuffed her bra it looked like she had nineteen nipples … on each breast! She finished crinkling her faux breasts, and after stuffing away she put her head up and headed back to the bar. Crinkly wrinkled paper breasts and all.

I thought for a moment, either this girl had one too many drinks or she simply didn’t have a friend to give her better options. What would she say to a guy if he felt them? As I grew up and learned that big breasts weren’t in my cards, unless I bought them, so I learned to appreciate my small breasts. I guess bra stuffing is back and it surely is a cheap alternative to breast augmentation.

If you have small breasts would you stuff your bra to look larger? Do you know anyone that has or does? We want to hear all about your stuffing stories!