Cast Your Bets: Guess The Day Of The Great Silly Bandz Die-Off

It’s easy to feel like you have no power when you’re a kid. But when it comes to fads and trends, the kid consumer controls which youth product companies will live and die. For the most part, the obsessions we grew up with—slap bracelets, pogs, Beanie Babies—all croaked. Today’s kiddies are all about Silly Bandz, the rubber band bracelets that have been terrorizing schools across America (and banned from them in many cases). Of course, retail analysts, drawing upon past failures, suggest that the brand needs to branch out; otherwise, it will just be another example studied in “Consumerism Failures 101.” Knowing how fickle we were as kids and how ridiculous these accessories are, we predict they’ll fade into oblivion fast … maybe even by the time you’ve finished reading this article.

Are you with us? Think Silly Bandz are on the out like every other kid fad? Or is this one here to stay? (God help us.) [Wall Street Journal]