4 Reasons I’m Now A Lady Gaga Super Fan

On Friday night, I went to see Lady Gaga perform at Madison Square Garden. I walked in a casual fan, I walked out a diehard Little Monster. Here’s why.

  1. The bitch can sing. I already loved Gaga’s music and anticipated that her show would be what you might call “a spectacle.” And it was. I lost track of just how many costume changes there were, but each was more jaw-dropping than the next; the set was out of this world, bringing to life the “Wizard of Oz”-esque theme that was silly and hilarious. (Gaga and crew have been dropped off in Central Park by a twister, and must follow the Glitter Road to the Monster Ball!) But unlike other artists who put on shows with so many bells and whistles — Britney Spears and Madonna, for example — Lady Gaga can sing spectacularly. The sets and the costumes aren’t there to distract from a lack of God-given talent; they’re just the icing on her already tasty cake.
  2. She makes the cost of admission worth every penny. My general admission floor ticket cost $79 ($90 including shipping and handling charges). While there are certainly more expensive (for seated tickets very close to the stage) and less expensive (nosebleeds!) tickets to be had, I was stoked by what a great view I got for my dead presidents, especially given how expensive the show must be to put on. Gaga as a performer does not slack off for a second. Despite touring nonstop, she doesn’t show the slightest bit of fatigue. In fact, she showed nothing but unstoppable energy, performing for an astonishing two and a half hours.
  3. She f**king loves her fans. There is no doubt that Gaga has become a superstar, whose rise to fame is similar to that of Madonna. Gaga does not take her super stardom for granted, nor does she show any angst or guilt that so many, say, “mopey” rock stars seem to feel when they become famous overnight. No, Gaga, like Madonna, embraces the fact that she is f**king famous, but unlike the Material Girl, she doesn’t seem the slightest bit out of touch with where she came from. It was evident during her show that as much as Lady Gaga’s fans adore her, she adores her Little Monsters right back.
  4. And her fans are as diverse as they come. I have attended a lot of concerts in my life, but the fans at Lady Gaga’s show were the most diverse I’ve ever seen. Surrounding me and my friend (pregnant with her own little monster) were flamboyant gay men, straight couples, packs of best friends, straight men in plaid shirts and beards, children with their parents, and, right next to me, two Muslim women, their heads covered with scarves. And all of them were dancing their asses off.