21 (More) Things I Wish I’d Known At 21

A couple of months ago, I wrote a list of 21 things I wish I’d known at 21, which over a 100 of you thought enough about to comment on. The thing is, I was pretty naive and there were a lot more than 21 things I didn’t know at that age. So, without further ado, check out 21 more things I wish I’d known at 21, after the jump.

  1. Therapy isn’t just for people who think they’re crazy.
  2. Most people experience bouts of loneliness, sadness, confusion and insecurity, too (no matter how strong or put-together they seem).
  3. If you hate your job, quit … but not before you have another one lined up (or enough money to float you for many months).
  4. Judging other people’s decisions is not the best way to validate your own.
  5. Sleep, water, and sunscreen: cheaper than Botox and more effective than makeup.
  6. New Year’s Eve is pretty overrated.
  7. Mom and Dad don’t always know best.
  8. Toothpaste makes a wonderful overnight zit cream.
  9. If you can’t imagine kissing him, don’t bother going out with him “just to make sure there isn’t something there.”
  10. A good haircut is worth the expense.
  11. The price of owning a car is typically three to five times what you pay for it when you buy it.
  12. Two glasses of water after a night of drinking will save your ass the next morning.
  13. If it fits you perfectly and you love it, buy two. (But three if it’s on sale!)
  14. It’s never as good as the first time.
  15. Internet comments are rarely about the person being responded to.
  16. A smile can make you look at least five years younger.
  17. If you suddenly look five pounds heavier, you might need a new bra more than a new diet.
  18. Seriously, you don’t need a relationship to be happy.
  19. Washing your face before bed is a must.
  20. Sometimes, keeping the peace is so much better than being right.
  21. If it’s important, don’t say it in an email.