Mary J. Blige Heads To Howard University

When I was in college, lots of young celebrities were enrolled at my alma mater. Julia Stiles was in my sociology class, Jake Gyllenhaal could regularly be seen walking across campus, and I once bumped into Anna Paquin coming out of the library. Katie Holmes was supposed to be there, but never actually started classes, which was a bummer, because at the time I wanted to ask her lots of questions about Joshua Jackson. But I totally would have freaked out if Mary J. Blige was on campus. And this will be the case in the fall—Mary has announced that she will be a part of the Howard University class of 2014. This is so, so cool—and not just for the students who sit near her in Biology. I think it’s pretty admirable that even though she’s 39 and has nine Grammys under her belt, she is interested in going to classes and learning more. I wonder what she’ll major in? [NBC Washington]