5 Celebrities Call Out Their Exes For Cheating On Them

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There are few things worse than being cheated on, but actually catching your man in bed with another woman is like that dipped in crap. That’s maybe why actress Sophie Monk hit the Australian airwaves to say that her ex-boyfriend, John Diaz, cheated on her. Monk said that she had been “Sandra Bullock-ed” by her surgeon boyfriend. “I woke up in the morning with a coffee and presents and he had a present there – a chick.” After jumping in her car to clear her mind, she returned to ask him, “What’s going on?” After realizing the girl had no idea what was going on, she did what any girl would do, “I spilt coffee on his car very strategically.” [Radar Online] If you’re going to cheat on someone, I think you deserve a certain amount of wrath. So, we rounded up a few stars who publicly called out their significant others for cheating!
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